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Convert Network’s role-based platform allows you to effectively manage your partner programme. From data insights to commercial management, Convert Network gives you the tools to take your partner programme to the next level. 

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Partner Managers

Understanding and growing partner relationships can be time consuming. Our goal is to make it easier to grow your partnerships. 

Our flexible commercial tools allow you to use your data to set up and implement commission structures that meet your needs. Product-based commissions, voucher codes, volume-based bonuses and tenancy payments are all covered.

Reporting dashboards allow you to quickly spot changes in performance, providing the opportunity to implement rectifying action. 

Using your own reporting stack to measure wider channel performance? Our flexible APIs give you the data you need to make the decisions that drive growth. Simply plug these APIs into your reporting system to ingest the data alongside your own.

Give your partners the right promotional experience to keep them loyal in promoting your brand.

Business Leaders

Forming the right business partnerships can make a significant impact to your bottom line.

Finding the right partners can be challenging and time-consuming. Our platform supports your growth by identifying potential partnerships that could add value.

Looking to keep things private? No problem, we can keep you hidden so only selected partners can access your programme.

Set up and release new partnerships quickly with a single implementation. Our platform based commercial and reporting tools allow you to see the benefit of new agreements quickly. Remove the need for manual invoicing and reconciliation as Convert Network handles these for you.

Tired of waiting too long to see the value of exciting new relationships? Speak to us today us.

Technical Managers

Managing attribution rules and tracking scripts across partners can take time. That doesn’t need to be the case.

A single implementation with Convert Network removes the need to implement custom tracking scripts from partners. Forever.

Our tracking structure is set up to capture and report any conversion event. With partners receiving reporting data in real time through web-based dashboard, everyone sees the same performance picture.

Do specific partners have individual reporting needs? Our custom data layer captures all the data points partners need at source. Our accessed controlled dashboards allow you to distribute data points based on your needs.

Automate the whole flow by using our import API, built to accommodate as many data points as you require.

Never set up and send sales data through spreadsheets again!

See how a single implementation can manage multiple partner relationships quickly.

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