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Managing the life cycle of partnerships doesn’t need to be time consuming. Convert Network gives you all the tools you need to successfully onboard, commission, report and pay partners. 

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Getting the right data

Capturing data and using insights to make decisions is important. Capturing the right data is even more important. 

To help, we create a custom data layer for each partnership programme. This involves mapping and capturing data points that support the delivery of your programme objectives. 

Setting the right data structure from the start ensures you’re spending more time growing relationships and less time servicing insight requests.  

Not too sure about which tracking solution is right for you? We offer tracking solutions to match your requirements. Whether that’s server to server or first party JavaScript, we’ll support your set up, integration and ongoing maintenance every set of the way.

Grow Relationships

Partnerships come in all shapes and sizes, each providing their own unique value proposition to help deliver your business goals. 

Convert Network makes it simple to manage your partners by providing an easy to use CRM system. With our platform messaging services, you can easily keep profiles updated and communicate any changes. 

Do you have specific terms and conditions such as validation criteria with partners? Convert Network allows you to manage business relationship agreements at an individual partner level. No more back and forth on email, Convert Network has you covered. 

Agreements are stored with the platform and shared between relevant parties, making sure everyone is clear which terms are in place and when.

Set the right commercials

There’s no formula to set the right commercial structure. Margin, volume needs, the competition and campaign goals all impact payment. It can feel like a daunting task. 

To help, we offer a rule based commercial structure engine. Set individual, tiered or volume-based structures, across multiple platform data points. With date and time setting conditions, set structures that support your wider business goals across your partner base. 

Using voucher codes? Our attribution and payment system ensure the right partner is credited. Campaign dashboards provide detailed insight into authorised and unauthorised usage.    

To maximise success, being flexible is key.

See Performance Clearly

Interrogate programme performance in real time, using your custom data layer. Understand how each partner is performing across a standardised set of metrics that matter to you. 

Looking to monitor performance over time? Use our alert system to set up and trigger events and partner over or under deliver against your set targets. 

All data points are available through our comprehensive export API. Compatible with multiple business intelligence tools, Convert Network can easily slot into your wider reporting stack.

A platform that fits around your business

Each business is unique. We see that. 

Our view, we fit around your business and not the other way round. The platform can be customised to suit your individual requirements. Reporting labels can be personalised to match the language of your business, making it easier to interpret performance data.

See how Convert Network can mould around your business to grow your partnerships programme.

Protecting your best interests

Fraudulent activity is a real problem. 

Bot driving fake clicks and sales harm your business and existing partnerships. Identifying and removing these sources of traffic helps to move your budget towards partners that can add legitimate value to your business.

To support, Convert Network monitors traffic in real time to identify and highlight suspicious referral sources.

Partners attributed with these referral sources are flagged providing a clear view of areas that require action.

Keeping your brand and referral sources safe is our highest priority.

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